Bút bi mực nước Micra Pink Resin

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    12,980,000 đ
    The Montegrappa Micra Pink Resin Fountain Pen is the highest expression of luxury and, at the same time, the smallest of their luxury writing instruments. A perfect combination of tradition and innovation, the Montegrappa Micra Pink Fountain Pen is realized in sterling silver and Pink opalescent resin.
    The Montegrappa Micra Pink Fountain Pen is crafted with the following details:
    Materials: Sterling Silver, Resin
    Ink-feed: Cartridge
    Pen-Nibs: Gold 18K
    Pen-Nib Sizes: Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad
    Feeders: Ebonite
    Craftsman Technique: Turning
    Packaging: Standard

    The Montegrappa Micra Pink Fountain Pen is available in color matching rollerball, ballpoint, and mechanical pen writing modes.

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