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Chung cư CT12 Văn Phú - Mở bán đợt 1

Xem trong 'Sọt rác' đăng bởi vietbenland, 24/9/13, [ Mã Tin: 3735 ]

Kỳ Lân Luxury - Chuyên vertu chính hãng
  1. vietbenland
    Giá: Giá liên hệ
    • chọn làng nhanhMã tin: 3735

    Chung cư CT12 Văn Phú ß----------------à Cuôc sống đích thực

    (Giágốc 12,7 - 13 tr/m2)

    Địachỉ :Trung tâm khu đô thị Văn Phú- Hà Đông – Hà Nội

    Số tầng: 29

    Số tầng hầm: 03

    Số tầng kỹ thuật: 03

    Chủ đầu tư: Cty CP Xây Dựng Hạ Đình

    Đơn vị thi công: Công ty CP Xây dựng CT12

    Tiến độ dự án: khởi công Quý I-2013, hoàn thành Quý I-2015, hiện dự án đã xây đến tầng 6.

    Dự án được bảo lãnh và cho vay bởi ngân hàng BAOVIET Bank

    Chi tiết các căn hộ

    Căn B2 diện tích 63.3m2 gồm 02 phòng ngủ, 1WC

    Căn B1, B3, B4, B5 diện tích 69.3m2 gồm 02 phòng ngủ, 1WC

    Căn E diện tích 72.3m2 gồm 02 phòng ngủ, 1WC

    Căn D diện tích 74.5m2 gồm 02 phòng ngủ, 1WC

    Căn A1, A2 diện tích 75m2 gồm 02 phòng ngủ, 1WC

    Căn F diệntích 118.9m2 gồm 03 phòng ngủ, 2WC

    Căn C diện tích 167.6m2 gồm 04 phòng ngủ, 2WC

    Tiến độ thanh toán

    1. đợt 1: 30% ngay khi ký Hợp đồng Mua bán

    2. đợt 2: 10% khi thi công xong sàn tầng 5

    3. đợt 3: 7% khi thi công xong sàn tầng 10 và xây, chat hoàn thiện tầng 5

    4. đợt 4: 7% khi thi công xong sàn tầng 15 và xây, chat hoàn thiện tầng 8

    5. đợt 5: 6% khi thi công xong sàn tầng 20 và xây, chat hoàn thiện tầng 11

    6. đợt 6: 10% khi thi công xong sàn tầng 25 và xây, chat hoàn thiện tầng 15

    Khu vực quảng cáo - Liên hệ 0922 1212 89

    7. đợt 7: 10% khi thi công xong sàn tầng 29 và xây, chat hoàn thiện tầng 20

    8. đợt 8: 10% khi xây chat hoàn thiện tầng 29 và hoàn thiện 90% nội thất

    9. đợt 9: 10% tổng giá trị khi bàn giao nhà

    10. đợt 10: 2% tổng giá trị tiền phí bảo trì khi bàn giao sổ đỏ

    Mọi chi tiết vui lòng lien hệ đơn vị phân phối

    ---------àHotline 1: 0912.651.658

    ---------àHotline 2: 0973240436


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  2. angnga2547
    Which usually Affiliate Networks To Look Out Regarding When Selling

    There are numerous fear stories about online programs and arrangements. People have heard them over and over again, in which some are actually wary of becoming a member of one. Typically the stories they will often heard are those linked to illegal programs or pyramid techniques. Basically, this kind of marketplace does not take true, worthy solution.

    You will not need to be connected with these schemes. It really is obvious you intend to be around a program which offers high quality product that you conveniently endorse. The growing volume of those who have joined up with already and are succeeding profoundly is proof ample that there is trustworthy and quality affiliate products on the market.

    Exactly why participate in an affiliate program?

    The item enables you to perform part-time. It offers you the chance to produce a generous revenue. Also it can make a person an owner of your small business. Online programs previously created a lot of billionaires. These are the basic lifestyle testimony showing how work; steady prospecting, encouraging and training other folks beneficial.

    If ever you will be deciding to a single, you need to be aware that you are getting into an issue that is patterned to what that you are able to. This can be the assurance that you'll be capable of doing almost anything to emerge profitable.

    How does one opt for a good affiliates program to enhance? Here are some tips you might want to look over before buying a single:

    - A plan you want and still have curiosity about. A great way involving knowing if that is why form of program you intend to market is if you are searching for buying the product your self. If that is the event, it’s likely that, there are many other folks who are also interested in precisely the same program as well as solutions.

    second . Search for a software that is of high quality. For instance, seek out the one that is related to many specialists in that special industry. By doing this, you are assured those of the typical from the program you will find yourself joining in to.

    a few. Connect things that offer real and feasible products. Can you be sure this specific? Make initial investigation. If you can, locate many of the users and customers to provide report on the believability of the system.

    4. This method that may be catering into a growing market you work in. This will be sure to there is often more in addition to continuous demands for your testimonials. Make inquiries. You can find forums as well as discussions it is possible to engage in to obtain good in addition to reliable feedback.

    5. A program with a compensation prepare that pays out a residual income and a payout of 30% or higher might be a excellent choice. There are many courses offering this type of payment. Look meticulously for example. Never waste your time and efforts with applications that do certainly not reward substantially for the work.

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    Have a thorough seo zen Review and also intensive know-how about the affiliates program and system you will end up marketing with.

    The actual types of program you might be getting yourself into will make you count on and prevent any future problems you might skills.
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