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VietNam Life in Hoi An - daily tours

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Kỳ Lân Luxury - Chuyên vertu chính hãng
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    11/4 Đường số 8, phường 11 quận Gò Vấp
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    [​IMG]Enjoy a leisurely bike ride to visit a master lantern craftsman. Learn how to make your own lantern which is yours to keep as a souvenir. Spend the afternoon learning about the lives of local farmers and working side by side with them.

    You will have great time to discover the daily life of handicraft house – in Hoi AnTown and Tra Que Village. Depart at your hotel at 8:30 am, you will ride by bicycle to the home of a craftsman in the old street in Hoi An Town. Where you will discover the daily life of Hoi An people and see how they make a lantern. You will have a chance to enjoy making the lantern and keep it as a souvenir. Have lunch at a local restaurant.
    Afternoon, continue biking to Tra Que Vegetable Village, experience a day of living and working with the local farmers in this village. You will take a trip around the vegetable garden and join the farmers in preparing the land and fertilizing it with seaweed from the local lake. Continue doing activities such as: raking, sowing, watering greens, picking greens and many more gardening activities. Biking back to your hotel, end tour. End of services. Finish your VietNam Life in Hoi An

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